Pets for Adoption


Selma (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: F

Say hello to this cute pitty smile. That smile belongs to Selma. Selma is a pitty around 2 yrs of age. She came to us in pretty rough shape with her brother named HIm. Him has found a home and she is still patiently waiting her second chance. She unfortunately doesn't do well with out animals so she would need a home all to herself. Thanks to Nina G. Photography for taking wonderful photos of our animals! Click her to visit Nina's Website


Jenny (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


DeeDee (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Simon (Dog)
Age: Young - Gender: M

This cute guy is Simon. Simon came to the shelter in October running stray. His owners never came looking for him so he is still patiently awaiting a new place to call home. Simon is very energetic and would do best with a big fenced in yard to run and play in. Simon doesn't like cats and would do best in a home with older children. He loves to play with toys and is really just a happy go lucky guy. Simon was aged around 2 years old and he weigh just under 60 lbs. Could Simon be a new addition to your home? He sure hopes so!


Dilly (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: F

This beautiful girl named Dilly has been with us since the end of October. She is a great dog and loves people. Dilly is around 2 yrs old and weighs 64 lbs. If Dilly could choose a perfect home it would be a home with a big fenced in yard and no other dogs because she doesn't play well with them. The shelter staff can't believe she has been with us so long with her adorable smile. If Dilly could be the perfect for you please stop in and see her.


Lindsey (Dog)
Age: Young - Gender: F

This sweet brindle pitty mix is Lindsey. She came to us as a stray in October and is patiently awaiting a family to adopt her. Lindsey weighs in around 52 lbs and is between 1 to 2 years old. She knows a ton of commands including sit, shake, lay, and speak. Lindsey is a very energetic dog and loves to play with tennis balls. Could you be Lindsey's new family? She would love a visit so please stop in and inquire about her.


Felicia (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Cora (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: F

Isn't she cute? This lady's name is Cora. Cora came to us as a stray in December and is awaiting a new forever home. She would prefer a home with no other dogs because she doesn't play well with them. She is an absolute sweetheart with people and loves to play. She would be a great addition to any family. Cora has a lot of life to live being only 3 years old so stop to see her. Hopefully you will fall in love and you will have yourself a new life companion. :-)


Flynn (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: M

Flynn is FIV+ and can ONLY go to a home with no other cats!


Copper (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Daisy (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F

Thanks to Nina G. Photography for taking wonderful photos of our animals! Click her to visit Nina's Website


Fuzzy (Cat)
Age: Senior - Gender: F


Gia (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Houdini (Cat)
Age: Baby - Gender: M

Houdini is currently in foster care. You can schedule a meet and greet thru the Shelter AFTER you have submitted an adoption application and have been approved by the Shelter.


Ginger (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Petunia (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F

Ms Carey

Ms Carey (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Elmer (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Rhet (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: M


Muffin (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Halford (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Jerry (Dog)
Age: Young - Gender: M

This handsome boxer smile belongs to Jerry. Jerry came in to the shelter running as a stray near Boone Grove. We aged him to be around 10 mos-1yr old and he weighs in at 47 lbs. Jerry is a great dog and would fit in to any family.


Scout (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Emmitt (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: M

This handsome guy is Emmitt. He came to us as a stray around the beginning of March and is still awaiting his forever home. He weighs around 50 lbs and around 3 yrs old. Emmitt loves being pet and would do best in a single dog home. Could he be your new companion?


Mouse (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Demi (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Pumpkin (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Chamber (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: M

Can you resist this face? We can't. This mug belongs to Chamber. He is around 2 to 3 yrs old and he weighs 63 lbs. As you can tell Chamber is a cutie and has great personality to match. He does require a home with no other dogs and would do best with older children.


Vinney (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: M


Leroy (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Vivian (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Kyle (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Bradley (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Bonzi (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: M

Bonzi is pretty new to us here at the shelter. He arrived as a stray in late March. We aged Bonzi to be around 3 yrs old and he weighs in at 70lbs. Bonzi is a nice dog just looking for a new place to cal home. :)


Joe (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


George (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Trevor (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Peggy (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Pinky (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Percy (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Morris (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: M

Morris is a stunning fellow. He came to us as a stray at the beginning of April . We believe is a Cannon Dog mix and he weighs around 70lbs.


Snyder (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: M

This guys name is Snyder. He weights 65lbs and is around 2 to 3 yrs old. Snyder loves people and enjoys running around in the yard. He is very energetic so he will need an active family that can keep up with him. Come by and visit and see if he could be the perfect addition to the family.


Tommy (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: M


Lillian (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Jinx (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: F


Tywin (Cat)
Age: Baby - Gender: M


Carlton (Cat)
Age: Baby - Gender: M


Tara (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Maggie (Cat)
Age: Baby - Gender: F


Shrek (Cat)
Age: Young - Gender: M


Beauty (Cat)
Age: Adult - Gender: F


Mina (Dog)
Age: Adult - Gender: F